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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bundanoon Bound - Saturday 17 April 2010

Saturday 17 Apri 2010 saw another outing of the privateers' group. This trip was heading out for a day ride to Bundanoon for the Scottish Brigadoon Festival.

Early on Saturday morning we see Xplorer 2525 sitting in the Canberra Station.

Being a day out to the Scottish festival bag pipes are compulsory!

... and a shot of 1741 at Canberra

Loco 4807 with the BAM

Early morning engine crew.

Good Morning Lindz and Margaret!

Morning passengers in 1741.

Having just arrived at Bundanoon

The BAM at Bundanoon

Good old 4807

4821 and 4807 on their way to Moss Vale

4807 revving up.

Lots of crowds in Bundanoon

and a Fordson tractor

with an old truck

Lots of pipes bands.

Good opportunity to see the local cafes

Did anyone mention a strong man from a certain television show?

Privateer Oldmate a smidgen taller than strongman oldmate, but nowhere near as bulky!

Big band performance

After the conclusion of the festival, the crowds headed back to the station for the ride home.

Lots of happy travellers just waiting for the train.

And here is the train on the way!

4821 pulling up.

Mr Duffman playing the role of guard.

The BAM at Bundanoon once again.

See you later guys!

Out of the platform, 2nd right of way...

Evening crowd in 1741.

Gents at the bar and ladies on the lounges!

Good evening Goulburn!

Fun times had by all - keep on Privateering until next time.