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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in FAMiliar Territory (yes I know, awful pun)

The weekend of 23-25 October 2009 was an eventful time for Privateer Oldmate, who ventured up north for the warmer climate and attendance at an engagement party of a friend of Mrs P. Oldmate. During this time, the opportunity was taken to check out the progress and restoration efforts of our good mate on FAM2386.

(As a side, the weekend also yielded new experiences for Privateer Oldmate of flying through thunderstorms, an aborted landing into Canberra on the return on Qantas Jet 737-400 VH-TJE, 'flaming' jet engines on the climb out of the aborted landing, a diversion to Melbourne and a return eventually into Canberra around 11pm on Sunday night...)

Anyway, rant over, lets look at some piccies. The focus of this series is on the plant and equipment on the car.

Here we start with an overshot of the end of the car resident at Swanbank Railway Museum.

Our good mate has been busy with the pressure cleaning to remove all the grease, grime and build up of general scum - looking good

Here we have a shot of the king castings of the FAM, which are associated with Commonwealth Type Bogies

Here the aircondition plant heat exchangers are mounted sub-floor.

More subfloor equipment - the triple valve and water filler valve.

An unusual feature still fitted to the FAM, but long since removed from most NSW aurora cars in operation is the water chiller unit for icy cold drinking water. Not sure how game you'd be to drink water out of the water tanks...

Small battery box.

Made under license from Budd in the USA!

The other end of the FAM.

Hot water for the showers comes from the one big water calorifier fitted sub floor. Again, subtle difference between the FAM and the aurora cars, which are fitted with two smaller calorifiers.

Another job for our FAM team is the airconditioning system, which is missing a few parts. Here we see the compressor motor has gone AWOL at some stage...

The important junction box on the "Sydney" end of the car.

Inside the car, unusual a/c controls and measuring equipment - I guess it was modern for the early '70s.

Another look at the main power board.

This is an unusual temperature measurer, kind of like a sketchograph (anyone born before 1977 will get the reference) combined with a 1950's high school science class.

The old a/c control equipment cupboard has been stripped bare

The car also has many wiring boards that have been slightly butchered, yet another fun and wonderful aspect to be resolved.

Obligatory corridor shot!

General shot of the gutted area that was being made into a crew area.

Here the walls were removed and a general shot of the area where they have been taken out

Did I mention that a/c equipment had been removed - where is the heat exchanger in the roof? Just gone...

Yep, definitely gone

and a general shot of the ducts that lead into the bedrooms (so, just to confirm, no a/c plant in the roof)

The FAMs, like the Indian Pacific Cars, once upon had a 'desto roll' to lable the cars A, B, C etc etc, but has since been removed and plated over. Here we see the internals of the old desto box.

... and the flap closed

Another wiring board to be fixed in the corridor.

When the car was being converted during the period of 1990-1991, the SRA blokes prepared a list of things to be done in each room - 18 years on, the list is still there, still to be finished!

So, just to confirm what car it is - FAM2386

... and yep, its a sleeping car.

Happy Privateering until next time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let the sparks fly, its another wiring project! ... Just for something different, some attention for BAM1748.

Saturday 17 October saw work commence on fitting the power conduit to BAM1748. Having learned the techniques and necessary tips to fitting the conduit from fitting up BAM1741 previously, the process was certainly quicker this time round.

Two weeks prior, preliminary work of welding on the brackets and mounting blocks were completed. Here we see the mounting plate welded on BAM1748 on the Canberra end of the car.

This shot also shows the mounting blocks pre-welded on the side of the car and painted up ready to accept the conduit.

One important technique to mounting the power conduit is to always start from one end and progress to the other. In this shot, we see the power receptacle bolted up to the mounting plate and the junction box resting on a supporting stand, after the necessary mounting holes have been marked out for drilling and tapping.

With the junction box now mounted, the next step is to lift the conduit resting on the ground up to the mounting blocks, feed in the end of the wiring loom into the junction box and then simultaneously bolt up enough clamps to hold on the conduit.

Here we see after a successful mounting of the conduit, the "Sydney End" of the wiring loom hangs out of the conduit awaiting fitting of the junction box. The junction box to be fitted is pictured sitting on the ground awaiting measuring of the holes in the side of the car, once again, for drilling and tapping out.

Not all that amazing, but here is an "action shot" of the tap hanging out the side of the car in the middle of a thread cutting session for one of the mounting bolt holes for the Junction Box.

The junction box on the Sydney End now mounted on.

General overview shot of BAM1748 sitting in the afternoon sun with its freshly mounted power conduit.

More updates as work progresses!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury Getaway

The Weekend of the 9-11 October 2009 saw the ARHS-ACT undertake a weekend tour to Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury River.

In addition to the ARHS passengers travelling in the society portion of the train, joining this tour was a small group of Privateers travelling in BAM1741 that was carriage attached to the Sydney end of the train.

With the cold weather in the Mountains, also what better time to test 1741 new 'conveniences' having just been fitted out with mains power facilities! The completion of this project meant that the travellers had hot water and in-car heating for the cool nights.

Another first on this weekend was also the hire by the ARHS of engines 4473 and 4501 from the Goodmate's at Goodwin Alco and 3801 Limited.

Here we see an upfront and personal shot of 4473 through the vestibule of 1741.

Long train with a shot of the back prior to departure out of Canberra yard.

Prior to departure, we see 4501 and 4473 sitting on the consist having just finished shunting.

Another shot from the other side with the sun illuminating the fresh paint of class leader 4501 sitting down in Canberra prior to departure.

Early on in the weekend, we see 4501 idling at Tarago awaiting safeworking instructions.

It is compulsory to stay awake until the train reaches Goulburn whenever we have a Friday night departure! (Even if it just about zero degrees on the platform)

Ah yeah, definitely looks like Goulburn Railway station in the wee hours of late Friday night/early Saturday morning!

Here we see 4501 once again at Goulburn...

... and another money shot of the class leader.

... and is typical of all heritage operations, there is the need to stay on top of the paperwork (even enroute)

Happy faces all round on the Friday night!

First thing at Saturday morning, we see BAM1741 hanging off the end of the train at Leura.

Another shot of the lounge/sleeping car on the train having just arrived.

Whilst travelling on the train, the opportunity to visit the local sights was undertaken. Here we see the Leura Street Markets with all sorts of nic nacks, stalls, foods etc etc

The opportunity to visit the Jenolan Caves was also undertaken. Here we see one of the open caves on a self-guided tour.

The self guided tour takes all visitors to up to the top of the open cave nearly 55m metres high.

Having arrived back from a full day of touring, we see BAM1741 sitting on the train at Katoomba on the up-platform waiting for the ARHS Railroad Restaurant Train run for the Blue Mountains Locals.

Engine 4501 sitting on top of the consist awaiting to not so much haul, but rather brake (with dynamic braking) down the Mountain into Penrith.

Another shot of 1741 sitting on the Up platform at Katoomba

Having just safely guided the ARHS train down to Penrith we see 4473 and 4501 sitting at Penrith.

In preparation of running around the train the locomotives are uncoupled from BAM1741.

A general view of the Penrith Station at night - on the left, the ARHS Train and on the right, a Cityrail Up All Stop service to Central.

The travelling group are relaxing once again in the nice warmth inside the car, never mind how cold it is outside enroute back up to Katoomba - and even joined by one of the crew who has signed off having fulfilled his day's duties.

Overnight saw the train depart Katoomba at around 11:30ish and make a beeline towards the Up Refuge at Hawkesbury River Station Yard for an early morning arrival.

Here the ARHS train has been shunted onto the platform for the passengers to alight to go for a cruise of the river. Photo looking South.

Another shot of the car at Hawkesbury River looking North.

One of the passengers having an enjoyable weekend up in the pleasant environs of the Hawkesbury River.

Prior to Departure, the train was shunted from the Up Refuge, back onto the Up Main, and we see it shunting back into the platform to allow the passengers to board.

Late on Sunday afternoon, we see an internal shot of BAM1741 as it sits on the end of the train at Goulburn.

On such a warm sunny afternoon, what better way to pass the time by putting up the feet and having a relaxing sleep in the nice surrounds.

BAM1741 hanging off the end of the train at Goulburn

... and a closing of shot of a "Dulux Overhauled" 80 class attached to an RL class diesel in Platfrom 3 at Goulburn.

Happy Privateering until next update!