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Saturday, May 22, 2010

BAMs on Transfer - 18 May 2010

In an opportunity what can only be described as the sun, moon and stars aligning, the BAMs private cars were transferred through from Canberra to the NSWRTM at Thirlmere on Tuesday 18 May 2010.

The day was a very early start with a 3am departure from Canberra. The ARHS was returning 4821 to its owners at Goulburn after a previous hiring. On this movement, the two BAMs were attached on the transfer movement and on arrival at Goulburn were shunted into Platform 3 for later collection by Lachlan Valley Railway, whilst 4821 was subsequently stabled into its home in the Goulburn Roundhouse. This occured at about 7:30 in the morning.

As LVR were running trips on the North Coast through May and June, they had a movement to transfer carriages from Cootamundra through to Sydney and beyond hauled by 4701. With a brief stop and shunt through Goulburn at 9:30, the BAMs continued on their way north through the main south line.

After an arrival at midday, the two BAMs were cut off at Picton and an awaiting 44211 from RTM was waiting to collect the two BAMs for their journey to their new home for the next little while.

Photos attached are credited to Matt Roberts.

Here we see the BAMs sitting in the 'back platform' at Goulburn station, as they had been shunted away by the ARHS movement for collection by the 'soon to arrive' LVR movement.

Here we see 4701 shunting in Platform 2 at Goulburn.

... and again 4701 and train shunting to attach BAMs in Platform 3.

BAMs shunted on train at Goulburn.

Melbourne End of the LVR train.

Nice shot of 4701 sitting on the transfer train at Moss Vale.

BAMs on the back.

8162 looks on as the LVR train departs Moss Vale heading north.

Jumbo 44211 at Picton collects the BAMs

Bits of smoke heading out of Picton.

Arrival into Thirlmere

BAM1741 and 1748 in Thirlmere yard.

Happy days with 3526 on the turntable at Thirlmere loco depot.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Side Show - "A Set" PPP Prototype Set in Central - Sunday 2 May 2010

By pure ass than class, Privateer Oldmate found himself in Central at the right time in the right place. This was 2100 hours on Sunday 2 May 2010 after having a nice dinner in Paddington at Manu Feidel's restaurant (L'etoile - highly recommend it).

Here is the PPP "A Set" sitting in Central with 442S1 going out for one of its first test trips.

This set has no seats, but was full of computers, lots of bottles of water upstairs (to act as ballast) and lots of blokes from EDI and Cityrail going for the test ride. Not sure how long it will be before it is in traffic. This night the set was heading out to East Hills for testing.

The photos are of a low quality because they were taken on a mobile phone, but better to get the shots than not.