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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drawing Out The Draw Gear

With the bogie overhaul now completed, the next step is to work on actually fitting them to the carriage properly - such that all clearances and buffer/coupler heights are exactly where they should be.

As the draft gear sits above the bogies, the only way to inspect this equipment is to contemporaneously inspect/repair it whilst dealing with the bogie fitting issues too.

Here we see the MHG sitting up on carriage stands at the Canberra end of the van in preparation of dealing with the bogie mountings and draw gear.

With the carriage raised off its bogie, it is appropriate to pull the bogie out of the way.

When returning a carriage back to service that hasnt turned any serious Km's since the mid 1980's, it is appropriate to inspect all safety critical components.

The king casting has been removed from the Canberra end of the van so that it can be cleaned up and crack tested. Once this has happened, it will be re-installed back into its correct location.

Prior to removing the draft gear, it is much easier to change out existing stubborn bolts holding the keeper plates in with ones that will be able to done up and removed easier when time comes to remove this equipment.

As Oldmate had the time to remove the draft gear, he decided to take it out after changing out the old keeper plates bolts.

Complete draft gear lowered out of van.

At the back of the coupler 'expansion pressure held' in a binding yolk is a buffing package. The package needs to be disassembled for inspection down to its base components. It is seen here having just been removed from the draft gear.

With no coupler, yolk and buffing package - all thats left is the draft gear pocket seen here. This will be cleaned up and inspected for damage and crack tested before any of the removed components will be reinstalled.

Here is the draft gear with the package removed.

Happy times and keep on Privateering til next time!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Go West ... to Bathurst that is.

Sunday 5 December 2010 saw the annual RTM members and volunteers train run from Central to Bathurst. Doing the loco duties were 44211 and 4520, combined with the rebirthed 4001, albeit the latter being off-lined for a great deal of the trip with some mechanical niggles to be ironed out.

From the Privateers POV, attached was BAM1741 and BAM1748 with a very full load of pax (I think we've found our absolute capacity with these cars!)

Usual XPT in Central.

Jumbo on the consist.

45 class.

Recently restored 4001 back into traffic, but some minor mechanical problems to solve still.

Cab shot of the 40 class.

Internals of the cab.

Heya Paul, long way from home!

Gaggle of gunzels!

Very full load in the lounge of BAM1748.

Bar attendants for the day.

Megs and Anthony (first privateers trip!)

Even the lounge in BAM1741 was very full too.

No room in the lounge, so hiding away in the bedrooms.

Just arrived at Bathurst - 4001, 4520 and 44211.

BAM1748 at Bathurst.

The PHA powervan with the BAM1741 travelling group congregating outside it on the platform at Bathurst.

Here at Bathurst was the former Primer Minister of Australia Ben Chifley's engine (apparently) 5112 being built with a protective cover to ensure its protection from the weather.

Good times, happy privateering til next time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do The Happy Dance... Bogie Overhaul Finished!

The month of October has seen the completion of the long, tedious, tiring and yet very important task of overhauling the 2AT bogies for the MHG brake van.

Some smaller jobs were required to finish off the bogie overhaul, including the refitting of all brake rigging, keeper plates and split pins.

Here we see Gav fitting one of the keeper plates.

Some of brake rigging fitted, but the bogies coming along nicely.

Gav picking up the next bit to refit.

More rigging fitted.

Pulley still to be bolted down, but will be done once the exact location to be secured to is known - after the bogies are back under the van.

Another keeper plate to be fitted.

All rigging fitted, but now the fun task of reinstalling new split pins.

All split pins back in, all brake rigging attached - overhaul completed.

New brake blocks and overhauled rigging fitted.

Beautiful symmetry.

Brake rigging ready to be connected to that fitted to the carriage.

Looking good - just need to get them under the van now.

Along the way, there were some bits that just simply 'didnt make the cut' - bent, rusted and worn items including wear plates, pins, bushes that will make their way to the scrap bin.

Looking forward to moving back to the restoration of the body work of the brake van!

Happy days and Keep on Privateering.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Keep on rollin, rollin, rollin...

With the delivery of the 14R wheelsets down to Canberra occuring on Wednesday 29 September 2010, with the long weekend occuring the following Saturday to Monday, the opportunity was taken to start to re-assemble the 2AT bogies for the MHG brake van.

The process to re-assemble is a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle remembering to put things back on where they came off.

Fortunately, there weren't too many hassles in putting the big bits back together.

Here is the bogie frames sitting back on the wheels and preparing to reinstall the bolster.

Side view without the bolster installed.

Happy days Fireman Dave!

The bogies are coming back together nicely.

Here are Pat and Dave looking to fit the sled for installation.

Cant question Pat's technical ability.

Dave, John and Kyle looking to fit the bolster sled for installation.

Bottom half of the bolster installed with springing and packing blocks on top, ready to accept the bolster head.

Simon, Dave, Milton and John having just placed the bolster head back in the bogie frame on the springing.

Privateer Oldmate standing alongside the 2AT bogies.

Yep, the partially complete bogies awaiting reinstallation of the brake rigging and other smaller bits.

One step closer to enjoying a ride in another piece of NSWGR history.