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Saturday, February 20, 2010

ARHS Locomotive Branch - Kandos Fundraising Trip 20 February 2010 - If You Weren't There, This Is What You Missed...

On Saturday 20th February, with the kind assistance from 3801 Ltd and our Goodmates at Goodwin Alco, the CPJ lounge car from the 3801 Ltd fleet was made available to the ARHS to assist in our fundraising efforts towards the locomotive branch projects(particularly 6029).

Excellent weather and beautiful country side, with a nice pub lunch travelling in a quality lounge carriage made for a great day out.

At the start of the day, with the sun in the right position, a number of pre-departure shots were taken.

Here is some of the happy travellers in the CPJ lounge car - Gav, Megs, Dave, Peter and Andrew.

We also have Fred and Stuart as our carriage attendants standing outside on the CPJ at Central.

Cab side of 4501.

Goodmate Paul Stapo at the controls of 4833.

XPT power car XP2013 on platform 4 at Central.

4833 sitting on the lead of the train at Central

Second unit 4501 on the consist.

Our Goodmate, Col the electrician onboard. Always good to have back up technicians onboard, just in case!

Here is a shot of part of the travelling group, Andrew, Dave, Stuart, Col, Pat and Gav.

A brief stop was made at Lithgow to change the crews. Here is 4833 and 4501 on the front of the consist ready to tackle the branch.

The lounge car, first vehicle behind the engines - good location to hear the lusty chant of the alco beat.

Our good mate Pat the electrician.

The Wallerawang-Kandos section is full of long runs up-grade and running around curves of the hills found in this location. Here are some shots taken from the vestibule of the CPJ - looking forward with the engines, but also looking back on the consist.

Very scenic countryside!

Here we see the train approaching one of the few passing loops. This loop was full of track machines, presumably because of ARTC works going on the branch. If the rumour mill is correct, apparently there is some moves for the line to reopen back to Mudgee past Kandos... only time will tell.

A good day out always bring out the motorcaders!

One of the most picturesque parts of the NSW rail network has to be the former loop site at Brogans Creek - here we see the 48 and 45 having just arrived.

The lovely Megs decided to not jump out and join the mobs of photographers!

Our Goodmates from 3801 Ltd, Steve, Jason and Dave.

Another goodshot of the 48 and 45 at Brogans Creek.

A remnant from another era - the old water column hasnt seen use for a little while.

The obligatory line up of photographers.

Happy days indeed - Andrew and Pat mingling.

Can you spot the illusive hillside gunzel?

Parade of legends - Gav happy, Dave on the phone to the Mrs, and Ivan enjoying one of the Goodwin Alco hotdogs. Must be good, two were had!

Ivan reckons those hotdogs were the bomb!

Professional photographer Pat taking a picture of Privateer Oldmate.

The standard issue line up of photographer.

The roll-by of the consist with the photos being taken.

The train has just arrived at Kandos.

Gav at Kandos.

Of course, here is Col, Dave and Andrew!

The engine crew who drove the train into Kandos - Steve and Jason, thanks guys!

Here is the consist at Kandos.

At the moment, Kandos is the end of the branch line. A permanent block has been fitted at the end of the station section with a fixed signal set at stop. Time will tell whether the line will be reopened.

Very pretty countryside.

Another shot of the end of the line.

The lunch venue - the Kandos Hotel.

Gav, Andrew, Dave, Pat and Meg about to enjoy a delicious lunch at the hotel.

The lounge car at Kandos.

Old mates, Bob from Goodwin Alco and Jason from SSR talking shop.

Goodmate Steve have a discussion.

Enjoying the day out, we see Dave and Gav having a good time.

The opportunity was taken to get some shots of the consist at the Up end of the platform.

Yep, we're at Kandos!

The engines sitting on the Up end almost ready to depart.

The youngest crew in NSWGR history?

The CPJ as far as it can go at present - the end of the line!

More scenic countryside.

Megs, Peter, Dave and Pat in the CPJ.

Happy days Duffman!

Poor Paul, almost married and a sign of things to come?

Sleepy Duffman!

Good on ya Fred! Fun day out.

More of the travelling groups, clockwise from lower left, Peter, Ivan, James, Scott and Stuart (visiting Victorians), and another 6029 supporter!

Baal Bone Junction with 4833 smoking it up.

Matching outfits, Megs and Paul...

Ah yes, no trip complete without the A-Team.

Party on the river at Penrith.


Leaving Blacktown, fun times had by all and no more light left to take pictures!

Next fundraising trip, we'd love to have you join us for good times and a great experience.

Happy ALCOing until then!