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Friday, November 27, 2009

Merry Xmas - Bungendore Steam and Cuisine 27 November 2009

With the pending xmas season almost upon us (and nice summer weather too), the opportunity was taken for the Privateers group to go for an evening ride behind ARHS steam engine 3016 and Alco diesel 4807 to Bungendore, and have some celebratory cheers!

Being the first of the ARHS's summer series of trains, and with the launch of a new product "the Steam and Cuisine Express", it provided the perfect journey for such an evening out.

Here we see the BAM sitting in the S&C consist in the Kingston yard prior to departure.

and going around the other side, we see 1741's twin 1748 parked up still awaiting completion of electrical mods.

A view through the PHG guards van shows us the end of 1741.

Getting back to the main reason for the trip, xmas cheer! Here we see the privateer oldmates sitting around waxing lyrical about fun times.

Same people, different angle!

Having just arrived at Queanbeyan, the consist sits awaiting for the normal passengers to have their dinner service.

It is worth including the obligatory shot of the 'pointy end' of the train.

Here the honours are being undertaken by 3016 and 4807.

Goodmate Driver Keith always cheerful!

Workhorse of the ARHS 4807.

... and our train guard for the evening (or someone in a reflective vest impersonating a guard)

Always important to make sure plenty of drinks are around.

... and never lose your cup/mug/stein!

The serious photographers have a timely discussion about pressing matters.

Pat the Electrician - big supporter of Steam on Any Sunday.

Fun times being had by all.

The "A-Team".

Lots of passengers at Bungendore

Has anyone seen this man?

Keep on Privateering!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Melbourne Cup Holiday - Powerboard Installation BAM1748

As us lucky Canberrans got to enjoy our Melbourne Cup Holiday aka Families and Communities Day for the last time that it will fall on the day of the Melbourne Cup, the opportunity of nice weather was taken to progress the wiring task on BAM1748.

Here we see a general overview of the electrical cabinet in the vestibule area of BAM1748. No holes in the wall, and modifications made just yet!

Prior to drilling holes in the vestibule wall, it is important to make sure we have the correct measurements. Used in the modifications in BAM1741, this cardboard cutout of an old banana box makes a good template to mark out the holes on the wall of which profile to cut out with the jigsaw.

Same model of electrical box, different carriage!

Just to check that the cutout is still a good fit, the electrical box is tested in the template to make sure - measure twice, cut once!

Before cutting out the wall section to fit the electrical box, it is important to drill pilot holes to enable the jigsaw blade to be fed through the wall to cut out the section.

Cuts made in the wall.

Remove the cut out bits and youre left with a hole.

Yep, the electrical box fits the cut out.

Electrical box mounted properly in the wall and the circuit breaker bar screwed in to check clearances.

Test the final fit of the cover of the electrical box.

One of the other tasks in installing the electrical box is modifications required to be made to one of the fire extinguisher boxes in the lower part of the vestibule wall. Here is the box pre-modification.

Fire Extinguisher box undone from the wall - all a bit discheveled.

Modified box refitted.

Wall reinstalled and ready to accept the next bits and pieces for progressing the task.

Until next time, happy privateering...