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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve - 2009/2010 - Happy New Year!!!

The end of 2009 ended for the Privateers with one final trip to Sydney for NYE celebrations.

Again, the ARHS used motive power and crewing provided by our Goodmates at Southern Shorthaul Railroad. This year the honours were undertaken by newly acquired units G513 and G514 from SCT Logistics.

As the train was 17 carriages long, the consist wouldnt fit into the gates of the Society's depot in Kingston, so had to be stored in two halves which were shunted together prior to departure.

Here we see 4833 putting the private BAMs and society BAMs onto the other portion of the train.

Another shot of 4833 and the private cars

In the ARTC territory we see the front of 4833 and G514 having arrived a little earlier in the morning.

Money shot of a pair of G's sitting in Canberra yard having arrived earlier on.

Engines coupled in Canberra yard.

G513 coupling up to BAM1748.

Almost there.

Arty shot of G513 headlight through the end of BAM1748

Having just departed Canberra early cheers all round

... and catching up chit chat from the last time we all caught up.

On time running into Queanbeyan sees the engines through the heritage station platform shelter

Being the first carriages on the Sydney end of the train, we see G513 coupled to the consist.

G514 on the NYE train, same location.

Being a more modern unit that we are used to at the ARHS, good opportunity to have a look at the EMD Control stand of G514!

A lovely sunny day sees G514 with the NYE train roll into Bungendore for a down Xplorer cross.

What are the A-Team doing here?

One half of the A-Team (Gav) contemplating life in the station shelter at Bungendore.

The cross of the Xplorer and the NYE train at Bungendore.

Fun and games of crossing trains on the Canberra Branch means lots of back and forth movements - here the train after arriving into the platform road, then shunting back to the Canberra end home signal has now taken a position the passing loop.

After leaving Goulburn a sumptuous lunch was provided by Mrs P. Oldmate - awesome spread of tasty food!

Prior to arrival into Central, a couple of shots were grabbed passing through the Sydney suburbs.

After travelling up in the East Hills line, the train headed left through Wolli Creek seen here.

Heading through Tempe we see a Cityrail Tangara on a down Illawarra service.

Approaching Meeks Road Junction...

...and approaching Sydenham looking back on the train...

... looking towards Sydenham ...

... and back on Sydenham!

Train passing near Erskineville (wasnt there a movie about some basketball team of this location from the mid 1990's???)

Rounding the corner near Eveleigh, Cityrail has spare sets stabled. Here is an OSCar "H" set awaiting its next duties.

The train has just arrived in Central!

BAMs in Central

... and behind every moving engine is a qualified crew - here are a couple of our Goodmates from SSR sitting here in Central!

View of platform 1 in Central.

Another shot of the G class on the NYE train in Central

Look across Platforms 1 to 4 in Central.

On NYE, we see Office of Rail Heritage PayBus displayed on the Central Concourse.

On NYE Privateer Oldmate and the gathering of privateers went to Balmain for dinner - view of the harbour bridge from Darling Street.

With truncated bus services turning in Darling street, interesting angle of the buses U-turning around in Darling Street. Looks like it could go top over!

On New Years Day, the bar in BAM1741 is set up for breakfast.

and happy travellers relaxing.

With a late night 'sing song' session in BAM1748, none of the pax to be seen anywhere in the lounge of that car!

Almost home, the NYE express passes over the new Yass Road Bridge in Queanbeyan - the old timber trestle bridge was removed in the later half of 2009.

Passing under the Monaro Highway, Fyshwick.

Looking back on the consist from the MHN.

With most of the operational fleet on the train, the ARHS depot looks kind of empty.

Very short distance ot the station platform.

Thanks to oldmates Fireman Dave and Gav, 4807 was shunted into the yard to place 4833 for its return to Sydney and to shunt the ARHS consist back to the yard.

4833 sitting in the Canberra station siding awaiting its return to Sydney.

On the Canberra end of the platform, we see G513 and G514 having just arrived and coupled onto the PHG power van.

Lots of 'vests of invincibility' on the Canberra platform. We can see Fireman Dave talking to the engine crew in the cab of G513.

Sunny morning in Canberra, G513 leads the consist in Canberra Station.

G514 being prepped for leading back to Sydney, and prior to uncoupling from the PHG.

Fun times had and looking forward to the next trip.

Until then, happy privateering!

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