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Friday, December 25, 2009

BAM1748 - Wiring Fun Times Continued...

With the external conduit fitted up, progress has been made on wiring up the car internally by Pat the Electrician.

Here we can see the end junction box with the end receptacle fitted to the car, with the mains feed up to the main internal power box inside the car.

The wire feeding up in grey conduit contains the main power line to the car.

Here is the internal switchboard with the cover closed

... and the cover open where we can see the main circuit breakers and the contactor for the hot water system.

As was the case for BAM1741, power points will be fitted to the vestibule area for easy access to plug in applicances like vacuum cleaners etc etc.

Typical for NSWGR rollingstock was the fitting of gas hot water systems. One such system was originally fitted to BAM1748, however, it had not actually operated for nearly two decades since the carriage was last in service with SRA in the 1980's.

A review of the hot water tank showed the gas heated tank was NFG with the gas lines and system missing many parts. Not a restoration proposition at all.

Like BAM1741, with safety and 'convenience' issues in mind, the opportunity was taken to upgrade the hot water system to operate on a three-phase 'flash' instantaneous hot water unit. Also, like BAM1741, the electric hot water unit was a Stiebel Eltron DHC-15 three phase unit.

For the record, EBay is a great source for these units, which come up for auction every now and then (they are a common fitted unit to domestic applications in Sydney).

Here we see the heater plumbed up for testing and activation in the old 'wet area' heater cupboard.

Prior to fitting of the mains power bylines to the car, provision was made for small electrical appliances through the use of an inverter from the 24v battery system with the single 240v power outlet fitted to the bar area.

The new mains power points can been seen installed in the bar area, with the old inverter supplied point hiding down in the lower left corner of the picture.

and more wiring work in the bar to be completed shortly.

Also very handy to have provision of lots of strategically placed power points in the carriage. Here holes have been drilled in anticipation of fitting up the power points.

With Mrs P Oldmate coming along for the ride, seen here standing in the vestibule of BAM1741, opportunity was taken to assess the bar/fridge/esky requirements for the NYE trip in a few days time

Onwards and upwards towards the big NYE journey!

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