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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do The Happy Dance... Bogie Overhaul Finished!

The month of October has seen the completion of the long, tedious, tiring and yet very important task of overhauling the 2AT bogies for the MHG brake van.

Some smaller jobs were required to finish off the bogie overhaul, including the refitting of all brake rigging, keeper plates and split pins.

Here we see Gav fitting one of the keeper plates.

Some of brake rigging fitted, but the bogies coming along nicely.

Gav picking up the next bit to refit.

More rigging fitted.

Pulley still to be bolted down, but will be done once the exact location to be secured to is known - after the bogies are back under the van.

Another keeper plate to be fitted.

All rigging fitted, but now the fun task of reinstalling new split pins.

All split pins back in, all brake rigging attached - overhaul completed.

New brake blocks and overhauled rigging fitted.

Beautiful symmetry.

Brake rigging ready to be connected to that fitted to the carriage.

Looking good - just need to get them under the van now.

Along the way, there were some bits that just simply 'didnt make the cut' - bent, rusted and worn items including wear plates, pins, bushes that will make their way to the scrap bin.

Looking forward to moving back to the restoration of the body work of the brake van!

Happy days and Keep on Privateering.

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