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Monday, July 19, 2010

A "Pig" of a Day Out to Thirlmere

Sunday 18 July 2010 saw the private BAM's head out for a jaunt on the RTM service from Central to Thirlmere and return. A great day was had out behind heritage 36 class steam engine 3642, affectionately known as 'the Pig'. On arrival at Picton, as the train was sufficiently loaded up a second steam engine 2705 was added for the short run to Thirlmere up the grades.

Gunzel passengers heading up the platform waiting for the train.

The pig arriving at central.

Engine running around 1741 - good to see the former President in Central.

Backing up through the yard - lots of overhead wires.

Coupling up.

Engine sitting on train ready to roll.

RTM Oldmate.

Lots of brass and bling on the Pig.

Got to set up the facilities for the passengers!

End of carriage window view.

Happy families - good group.

Padstow on the down.

Whats a group of gunzels called - a gaggle of gunzels?

The Pig at Campby...

1741 at Campbelltown.

Good morning Ivan, cold and crisp out in the west.

To help with the grades out of Picton heading towards Thirlmere, RTM added on steam engine 2705 - not bad double headed steam!

Round the curve.

Looking back on train consist.

Moo'ers, soon to be making an appearance at your local butcher.

BAMs in the Thirlmere depot with the 36.

Silver City Vomit looking much much much worse for wear - its going to take some real TLC to get her back to operational state.

2705 on the 'table.

Shunting back to the platform.

Obligatory carriage shot.

Another obligatory carriage shot.

End of consist with 1741 - bright tail lamps!

Sunny afternoon.

Campbelltown on the up - beautiful afternoon.

Back home in Central.

Not a great night shot.

Coupling up - lots of compression on the buffers!

Last shot of the day. Fun times had by all.

Happy days until next trip - keep on privateering!


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