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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let the sparks fly, its another wiring project! ... Just for something different, some attention for BAM1748.

Saturday 17 October saw work commence on fitting the power conduit to BAM1748. Having learned the techniques and necessary tips to fitting the conduit from fitting up BAM1741 previously, the process was certainly quicker this time round.

Two weeks prior, preliminary work of welding on the brackets and mounting blocks were completed. Here we see the mounting plate welded on BAM1748 on the Canberra end of the car.

This shot also shows the mounting blocks pre-welded on the side of the car and painted up ready to accept the conduit.

One important technique to mounting the power conduit is to always start from one end and progress to the other. In this shot, we see the power receptacle bolted up to the mounting plate and the junction box resting on a supporting stand, after the necessary mounting holes have been marked out for drilling and tapping.

With the junction box now mounted, the next step is to lift the conduit resting on the ground up to the mounting blocks, feed in the end of the wiring loom into the junction box and then simultaneously bolt up enough clamps to hold on the conduit.

Here we see after a successful mounting of the conduit, the "Sydney End" of the wiring loom hangs out of the conduit awaiting fitting of the junction box. The junction box to be fitted is pictured sitting on the ground awaiting measuring of the holes in the side of the car, once again, for drilling and tapping out.

Not all that amazing, but here is an "action shot" of the tap hanging out the side of the car in the middle of a thread cutting session for one of the mounting bolt holes for the Junction Box.

The junction box on the Sydney End now mounted on.

General overview shot of BAM1748 sitting in the afternoon sun with its freshly mounted power conduit.

More updates as work progresses!

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